What Is The Current Font Used For The NASCAR Logo?


The NASCAR logo is distinguishable among many of the current sports logos. NASCAR has embroidered jackets, t-shirts, hats, and backpacks with their iconic logo for years. With such an iconic and colorful logo, many people want to know the current font for the NASCAR logo. The Mystery There’s some mystery surrounding the font currently used for the NASCAR … Read more

Flexbone Offense Football Complete Guide

Flexbone Offense Football

In today’s football game, most offenses are enamored with the pass. If you turn on the TV to watch a professional or collegiate football game, you’ll often see spread offenses, shotgun offenses, and other formations that are designed to spread the field and throw the ball more than run. There are still some offenses, though, that … Read more

Linebacker Drills to Improve Speed, Reads, and Tackling

Linebacker Drills

The linebacker is a defensive player who is in position behind the defensive linemen and in front of the safeties and cornerbacks. The linebacker’s principal responsibilities are to tackle runners and to defend against shorter passes. Linebacker drills need to focus on explosive speed, and change of direction agility. Linebackers are similar to the running back but … Read more

What is a Pancake Block in Football? 

Pancake Block in Football

Every offensive lineman dreams of executing pancake blocks. It’s the outcome coaches hope for in every block by every offensive lineman on every running play. While there is no official statistic for pancake blocks in football, it’s one of the most celebrated plays by offensive line coaches and offensive line groups. While a pancake block … Read more

What Is A Pick 6 In Football?

What Is A Pick 6 In Football

Football has become a passing game. Gone are the days when teams would run the football 30-40 times to secure the win. Teams are now throwing the football more than ever. However, throwing the football can result in good and bad consequences. A pick 6 in football is when an interception is made by the and returned … Read more

5-2 Defense Football Complete Guide

5-2 Defense Football

In obvious running situations for the offense – when the down and distance is third-and-one let’s say – defenses often adjust by going to what’s called a “big” or “stack” formation. This brings extra bodies near the line of scrimmage to stop the run. One of the most popular defensive formations to do this out … Read more

What is a Good Batting Average in Baseball?

What is a Good Batting Average in Baseball?

Batting average explained The batting average is an offensive statistic in baseball that gauges hitters’ success in reaching base safely on base hits. The batting average is popular with baseball fans. Still, players and coaches often ignore it because the formula does not include many aspects of the game-walks, total bases, extra-base hits, etc. What … Read more

How to Run the Single Wing Offense?

Single Wing Offense

The single-wing offense was one of the first true offensive formations in American football. (That’s the same Pop Warner that youth football leagues around the country were named after.) This offense dominated offensive playbooks of teams at every level of football for many years. Then, slowly by surely, the single-wing offense fell from popularity. Especially … Read more

Why Dance Should Be Considered a Sport?

Why Dance Should Be Considered a Sport

Dance is a form of art that is both beautiful and entertaining for the audience and for those who participate in it too. Dance is an art, but can also be considered a sport; it is a sport that requires rigorous training. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that Sport is an activity involving physical exertion and … Read more

What is the Mercy Rule in Baseball?

Mercy Rule in Baseball

Don’t you understand why your game ended early? It may have been because of the Mercy Rule. The definition of a “Mercy Rule” is when the game ends early because your team is winning or losing by a large amount. The amount of runs and the number of innings that this happens in depends upon … Read more